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Quiet Songs

All Night, All Day The Growing Up Tree On My Honor
Ash Grove Happiness Our Chalet
Barges Happiness Runs In A Circular Motion Pahasapa
Broomstick Cowboy He's Gone Away Part of Being a Girl
Canadian Wilderness I Know A Place Pass It On
The Dancing Lesson I Talk To The Trees Peace
Days of Girl Scouting It's a Long Road to Freedom Red River Valley
Dona It's A Small World Rock-A My Soul
Do, Lord I Will Serve Thee Seek Ye First
Each Campfire Lights Anew Julie Anne Spoon River
Five Hundred Miles Kum Ba Ya Taps
Flicker Linger This Land Is Your Land
Freedom Look Wider Still Today
Friends Many A New Day Wanderthirst
Girl Scouts Together Moon River Where Have All the Flowers Gone
theme from Grizzly Adams Old Irish Blessing *


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