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I Can't Believe I Was Such a Klutz!

It all started when...
I was in my Senior year in high school and decided to enter our local Junior Miss pageant. All went fairly well during rehearsals and such til the Big Night arrived. Physical fitness, talent, personal interviews, all was fine til the last section of the program, the poise and appearance ("poison appearance" would probably be more accurate) section. Each girl has to take a short walk to the front of the stage and make a "simple" turn. Simple! yeah, right. When my turn came, I made it to the front of the stage and down the ramp, but, my simple turn turned into a near disaster when, in front of the judges, my family and the entire audience I stepped off the side of my shoe (this back in the early 80's when thick platform shoes were first popular) and came dangerously close to falling right off the stage. The audience gasped, I stumbled around for a few seconds which seemed like hours and finally managed to steady myself and get back to my place in line without further mishap. Very embarrassed, face bright red, but nothing broken. Needless to say if I'd had any chance of winning at all I blew it right there. I never wore those shoes again.

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